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What should you do?

  1. Share the synopsis of your book in an interesting manner summarising the plot of your book with us.
  2. The summary should strictly adhere to the format. ( Reference
  3. Our team shall publish the shortlisted synopsis on the platform for the people from the creative world to see.

How much does it cost you?

Nothing right now. We are running this competition and shortlisting based on the merit of the content.

Last date for submission of the entry is 15th July 2024.

Our AI enabled Video Summaries

What value does Plots for Movies add?

  1. We shortlist the scripts that goes on the platform along with
  2. We make the content Visually appealing to the production house / Directors using AI Created Story Telling Visuals
  3. We Promote your content within the entertainment industry.
  4. We DO NOT commit any certainty that your book will become a movie. But, we support you in giving you a fair chance.

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