Title – The Cupid’s Curse

Author – Meera Kathija

Genre – Drama, Fantasy, Mystery.

Logline of The Cupid’s Curse

A chance to encounter and experience an imaginary fantasy of two world ‘The Cupid’s Earth’ and ‘The Cursed Earth’. The final destination leads whether the curse comes to an end or not.

Setting of the Plot

The whole fairy tale deals with the suspense of The Cupid’s Curse, who are the final spellers of this curse. Does the curse met an end with a curse or the curse is solved are the rest things that leads the story. The usage of Curse here in the story indicates the name of the girl, and that creates the Cupid’s Earth ‘The Curse’.

Main Characters

  1. Sam/ Protagonist: He is a person who solves all the problems regarding the girl curse. The interesting thing is He is reborn as a human in the cursed earth, before that he was living in the hell as the son of Lucifer. He connects the missing dots of unsolved thing both on The Cupid Earth and The Cursed Earth.


The story begins with the two couple fairies Sky and Star. Star has been into her labor pain. The thing is in The Cupid’s World no one has the labor pain, fairies gives birth naturally, here the case is difference as Star was human and Sky is a fairy. All these fairies have their own Little Bug angels like Lisa, Max, Lily, Heart bug and Butterfly.

They all created a magic tonic which has the power to look similar like a fairy and completely reject the labor pain. In Cupid paradise it is considered to be the great curse on marrying a human. But decodes the rule. The curse is however came to be known by his mother of Sky Godmother Flame, and decides to live on the cursed earth when the sin comes to an end. Eventually the curse burn down sky and star into ashes, both of them died to make their child survive. In rage of fury the little bug angels throw away that baby girl into the cursed earth calling her by the name as Curse. The rest of the plot continues on how Sam finds that Baby Girl Curse and how did he saved The Cupid Earth and The Cursed Earth through his clever thoughts.

Themes and Tone

The film explores themes which switches the flashback of Sam’s Life including his life on hell with his father and his life on the cursed earth in a situation of  reality in a state of his unknown life. The Tone is contemplative in the effort, on how he handles the situation in the undercurrent of suspense and the tricky tasks of tremendous adventure he gone through it to solve the unsolved puzzles of both the world.

Unique Selling Points:

  • The imaginary and fantasy mode phenomenon of The Cupid and The Cursed Earth provides a greatest view point on strength of unique technique are thought provoking.
  • The story deals on the perfect deep suspense and the flashbacks which creates the ups and downs over the tip of excitement into a simple narration form.
  • The blend of imagination and fantasy apart from the normal human life the drama offers a fresh rejuvenating thought that haunts the perfect landing on drama / Fantasy / Mystery Genre.

Extract from the Story The Cupid’s Curse

Sky! Sky! What is happening? I can’t bear my pain! Drive fast Honey Please!

I am trying my level best but this Cupid Car is not moving so fast! Wait, I call my fairy Cupid Lisa!

Lisa! This is Sky here, do you hear me?

Yes! Sky I am. How is your baby right now?

Not so good it seems I am in great trouble. I forgot your magic tonic in my palace, please be quick to the place of Cupid Paradise, hurry up!

Hahahaha! I am behind you Sky?

It is not a joke Lisa give that portion to me?

Okay, relax! But Sky remembers one thing: nearly one year you need to give this Magic Tonic to your baby! If you forget that you have to face severe upcoming circumstances around your family, Can you hear me! Only a father is responsible for feeding this Magic Tonic to his baby!

Yeah I know Please give that Magic Tonic to me?

Honey! First, if you drink this you will not feel that labor pain. How are you feeling now?

Better Sky! Where is the Baby?

It is here hahahahaha, See without pain you never notice that you give birth to a beautiful angel, your majesty both of you are blessed with a baby girl look how cute she is!

It is not so funny Lisa! Give my baby? She is looking like an angel.

Isn’t she? Star!

Yes, Sky!

Sky and Star are blessed with the baby girl now, they are moving to their palace called CUPID WORLD.

Cupid World is considered to be the most lovable place you could ever imagine. In this world all the people enjoy only love; they don’t know anything except love. They share and enjoy love. For example: If a rude person enters into this world they become a kind of love pug person in general. Love pug formula is generated to the person who always belongs to this Cupid Earth, if a person is born on this Earth a regular Magic Tonic is prepared by the little Cupid angels like Lisa, Max, Lily, Butterfly, Heart bug. This Magic Tonic is given only by their Father, those who don’t have a father don’t get that magic tonic and they become rude, arrogant, greedy, etc. So these people send those people out of the Cupid Earth, Godmother decides and takes care of that baby under her control, if or in case the baby when grows up never dares to have control over their regular bad behaviors; she punishes them and sends them to the Cursed Earth.

You might be guessing what’s this Cursed Earth, None other than our Planet Earth. To these people they consider Earth as a Sinful worst planet in the universe, the punishment for those people is to live their entire life on earth. If one corrects his sin within that period Godmother adopts them and purifies them to be a good person and live life again in the Cupid Earth. Same it was done to Adam Eve by God but he made them stay on earth forever, he never called them to paradise, because he never forgave their sin. But here the Godmother Flame gives the second chance for the sinners.

Though this Cupid Earth is considered to be the Magic World, without their Father they cannot make that baby completely belong to the Cupid Earth.

If that baby wants their mother with them, for sure they can take them; if that mother loves to stay there, if not that babies would be growing up with their Godmother Flame, she must make that baby control over their most unwanted human cruel feelings like greed, rape, theft, crimes like murder, etc. The Godmother Flame takes her full responsibility for taking care of these babies who don’t have their father care on feeding that Magic Tonic portion. She is called ‘The Godmother of Flame’ because she is the one who burns away the worst behavioral characteristics of the people who live on the planet MAGIC WORLD.

Cupid Paradise: Cupid River

Lisa: Mother!


GMF: What Lisa? Come here!

Lisa: Mother our King Sky and Queen Star, both have been blessed with a baby girl. They have decided to make a ritual ceremony for their baby!

GMF: An honor of legacy! A miracle is going to happen on this Cupid Earth!

Lisa: What! A miracle in Cupid Earth? Are you serious Mother!

GMF: I am serious! Look she is the Princess of this Cupid Earth! She was not born like other normal people. Soon, the curse is going to arise.

Lisa: What is the Curse Mother?

GMF: Star the Queen is the curse. She doesn’t belong to this Cupid Earth; my son has told me a lie.

Lisa: No Mother! How can you say that! She is your daughter in law, our queen, and is not meant to be a disrespectful person on this Cupid Earth.

GMF: Stop Lisa! (She spells some powdery dust on Lisa) Stay Calm and listen to me! Our Cupid Earth people women don’t feel the Childbirth pain you know that!

Lisa: Yes Mother! I apologize. I know No Women on Cupid Earth don’t have that pain! But our queen underwent that pain during her delivery. Me and Sky, prepared the pain control tonic for her, and the real truth is Sky fell in love with the normal Human Living On Earth. King Sky and I once went to cursed earth without your permission, normally we just go and explore on the cursed earth to see the secret wonder of adventure! In that adventure, both King Sky and Queen Star became a Cupid couple. Our King invented a tonic which would make her recognize perfectly as a Cupid Earth Girl, Till Now! She is drinking that portion which was made for her especially by the King. After that, she became a part of our royal cupid family Mother.

King Sky then talked with you About Star and You made a hand in marriage for both of them.

(After the dust was lost on Lisa’s face, she trembled before the Godmother Flame)

GMF: You cannot imagine the greatest curse you have done to this Cupid Earth! Sky and Star and that baby all are in danger, even though Sky prepares and gives those Magic Tonic to his Baby won’t work anymore, the thing is it is a grant throw-off. The artificial Tonic to the original Human woman would die within 10 days! When Star Die, automatically the Girl would not belong to His Father Sky, she isolates from us forever, O My God!!

Lisa: Mother I never knew that! What I have done to my Cupid Earth, all are in vain, like a cupid angel I thought to reunite the best love story to our King as in our rules we welcome love! But it made me devastated! Kill Me Mother God! Kill Me!

GMF: But killing a person or an angel is against our rule! Be calm Lisa, all happens according to our sin of destiny. We have to pay for it.

Lisa: But Mother! You are god to us; you can make that change to save us from that curse!

GMF: Those who knowingly commit a mistake of their sin; never escape through their curse even God cannot save them. But on our planet, we give second chances to the sinners if they recognize their mistake. You see Lisa this is a big mistake, I mean an incurable mistake, for this sin there is no second chance for them, they have to pay for it.

This News spread like a fire in the Cupid Paradise, all the people in that country started to hate The King Sky and The Queen Star. All the people started to vacate the country Cupid Paradise, The Magic World, and all decided to move on to live their entire life in the Cursed Earth including The Godmother Flame. Queen Star pleads to the Godmother to forgive her and insists not to live in Cursed Earth, which was not safe for the Godmother and the people. But she never cares about the words of Queen Star. After that the Cupid Paradise Becomes an Empty Paradise, all those Joy vanish in seconds. Sky, Star, Baby Girl, and Cupid angels like Lisa, Max, Lily, Butterfly, Heart bug live with them to protect the King and the Family! Without The Godmother Flame, they decide to keep a name for their only Child! After an endless Struggle, Queen Star Survives with those Magic Tonic specially made by the angel.

Now, the angel makes a naming ceremony for their Baby Girl.

A golden cradle was ready for the baby which was made by the cupid angels. A sunray with a strong beam came like a magic letter from the air. Sky came forward to touch that letter.

AWWAHHH! It is super hot and I can’t touch it!

Sky, Are you serious? You are God! You can bear all sorts of things, it is Impossible! Go forward and take that sunny letter!

Dear, I am trying hard but I can’t?

Star: Why can’t you? Is this curse of mine affecting you badly?

Sky: Yes. A spell is working; I think the tonic of the cupid angel has lost its power!

Star: What is happening?

Sky: Star!! Look I am burning! I am burning!

Star: Hug me tight! We both shall Burn down this curse together let our child survive!

My baby Please! Find a solution to this curse! Save yourself the cupid World and your granny Flame!

Queen Star records the last lines for her daughter in a cupid bow and throws them near the baby, the cupid angel flies so fast to save both the king and the queen but it is too late both burn into ashes and blast into the pieces of dust.

All angels started to weep so hard!

The angels stand around the baby and call her by the name CURSE!

It is all because of you and your mother we lost everything, come on angels, let us throw this Curse away from the Cupid Paradise.

Lisa’s throwaway means Where!

In cursed earth!

Ok! Lisa this time we are on your side, as we throw this curse to the cursed earth we welcome our godmother and the people again here to our place!

Great Idea!

Let’s do this together!

……. ‘fly above the sky his father was watching, the star was twinkling like tears to see their curse in the hands of angels, both the nature sky and the star were not able to stop their curse and their child curse, the curse is a curse, the endless term is to survive with a curse, but happy to see at least this curse could save their curse and the Cupid World……’

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