Title: Unmasked – The Hidden Truth

Authors: Krutika T Achrekar & Akshata A Shirodker

Genre: Suspense, Mystery Thriller, Crime

Logline of Unmasked 

Two young twin sisters escape from an arrogant businessman with the help of a vengeful young man who exposes the hidden truths about the tycoon while seeking justice for his brother’s attempted murder.

Main Characters Details

  1. Twin Sister 1

Amber Wanson : Amber is  5’5  and has curly black hair. Loves straightening them and keeping it open. Has a physique well sculpted that any girl would be jealous of. Loves piercing and has a piercing on the left eyebrow & her nose along with 3 piercings on each ear.

Falls in love with Daryl and goes behind bar for murder charges of Ray and when she comes back from the prison she doubts everyone as she starts seeing things in a different way.

  • Daryl: Daryl has black silky hair, blue eyes and tan skin. He is tall and lean.

He falls in love with Amber Wanson and gets close to her to take over the Wanson’s property along with the help of his sister.

Real name : Luke El casa, son of Daniel El Casa.

  • James McKenzie: tall 5’6” man with light skin tone and thick voice. He has silky black hair that would be slightly falling on his forehead. His beauty mesmerized ladies.
  • Rakesh: childhood friend of the twin sisters. He is tall and has wheatish complexion, honey colored eyes and black hair which are styled into spikes. He did not look like an Indian as he was born and raised here. However, he always follows his Indian culture.

James along with Rakesh free the sisters from the clutches of Daryl aka Luke El Casa and also bring out the true colors of Daniel El Casa in front of the world.

Other Characters

  • Ray: adopted son of Marya’s daughter Jessica, as she could not conceive even after 5 years of marriage. 8 years old when his mom left. Ray has beautiful golden hair with black eyes. He likes wearing formal clothes and one would hardly see him wearing anything casual even to a beach.  He loves keeping the people close to him happy and will do anything to make them happy. He behaved much more maturely than the other kids of his age. He often gave people very mature advice.

In love with Amber but doesn’t disclose to her. Comes to know the truth of Daryl but before he could do anything Daryl reveals his secret in front of the world and tries to murder him.  James is Ray’s twin brother.

  • Twin Sister 2

Amanda Wanson: A 25-year-old, 5’4 feet girl with beautiful black wavy hair reaching her shoulder. Simple girl who loves having simple things in life.

Was kidnapped by El Casa and kept hidden in a tunnel. LAter James finds her and helps her escape.

  • Daniel El casa: Arrogant businessman. Father of Daryl aka Luke. Involved in all the planning along with his kids and who also killed the girl’s parents.
  • Rebecca El Casa:  Sister of Daryl. Took the place of Amanda and stayed with Amber while Amanda was kidnapped.
  • Arthur: Arthur was a tall lean guy with brownish curly hair and black eyes. Best friend of Daryl.

Synopsis of the Story Unmasked

“Unmasked” unfolds the journey of twin sisters, Amber and Amanda, as they navigate family responsibilities and college life while confronting unexpected challenges. The narrative begins with the sisters grappling with their parents’ demise, finding solace in their childhood friend Rakesh and their caring neighbor, who has been their caretaker since their birth whom they affectionately call Aunt. The entry of Daryl and Arthur into their lives propels their business forward.

As the sisters achieve success in both their academic and professional pursuits, a significant turning point occurs when Ray, their neighbor’s grandson, overhears a conversation between Daryl and Amanda. Unknown to everyone, Ray is not the child they thought him to be but a fully grown man having feelings for Amber.

Revelations unfold at a lavish party, where it is exposed that Daryl orchestrated a false image of Ray and framed Amber for his supposed murder. The plot thickens as Aunt investigates Ray’s adoption, uncovering negligence on the part of the orphanage.

Meanwhile, Amanda, revealed to be Rebecca El Casa, sister of Daryl El Casa, is living in place of the real Amanda to take over their empire. She collaborates with her brother  to feign efforts to free Amber.

Ray’s brother, James, uncovers a dark secret beneath the El Casa business empire. Investigating further, he stumbles upon a hidden underground tunnel, discovering a woman in distress.

Rakesh, sensing Daryl’s deceit, seeks Aunt’s insights into the events of the ill-fated party. United in their mission, they join forces to expose the fraudsters and avenge Ray’s murder. A strategic party is organized, luring the culprits to the El Casa property. Unveiling stolen artworks, the mastermind behind the elaborate plan, James, unmasks the true identities: Daryl as Luke El Casa and Amanda as Rebecca at a party held in a concealed cave on an island isolated from the city. The real Amanda Wanson is revealed to be kidnapped.

The masked avenger, James, exposes the El Casa family’s sinister secrets and their exploitation of Amber and Amanda. In a dramatic climax, he discloses his relation to Ray and his motive for infiltrating El Casa’s business. James attributes his success to Rakesh’s assistance in unraveling the truth, bringing justice and closure to the tangled web of deception.

Main Theme of our book

  1. Revenge
  2. Romance
  3. Deception
  4. Business Rivalry

Unique Selling Points

  • The story delves into business rivalry and romance themes through  impactful narrative.
  •  The character dynamics, especially with Ray, add layers of psychological depth, exploring themes of suppressed feelings and unspoken desires.
  • The revelations at the party expose the fragility of trust, unravelling the psychological aftermath of profound betrayal.
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