Writer: Abilash Geetha Balan

Title : Your Eyes are Beautiful!

Karthik, a name that has brought a smile on her face since the day She met him. He was the only reason for her to live after all the misery she has gone through from childhood.

Prerna was a bastard child and grew up on the tough streets of Mumbai. Each day was a struggle, she had to protect herself from the hardship of being a bastard girl living on the streets of amongst the most densely populated city in the world.

Life could have been easier for her if she weren’t this pretty. She had the perfect body and the most alluring eyes, the two things that was envied by her co-workers. Something Karthik complimented her often for.

Prerna went to college during the day and worked at a dance bar in the night. She was an ambitious girl and did not want to give up on her difficult life. And Karthik was the only ray of hope in her life.

They first met at the Andheri Metro Station and the 2 hour journey every day got them a lot closer.
She was adamant to lose her virginity to the Man she married, and she strongly believed in monogamy.
She woke up with a gentle smile on her face, she was blushing with joy from the first night of their honeymoon in a remote location in Malvdives. She thought it was worth the long wait. She loved Karthik even more now. Everything felt great. She slowly opened her eyes avoiding the sunlight through the window with her palm.

She could Not find Karthik around, She checked the time, it was 11am, she slowly gathered herself and sat upright.

And then, she hears a knock on the door and Karthik slowly walked in. He had a wicked a smile on his face and a sense of accomplishment.

He slowly walks into the room and picks up something from his shirt pocket. She tries to look at it closely and then she realized it was an eyeball that looked very real. It was packaged in a small cover, neat and tidy.

He closed the door and then slowly walked up to her. She was perplexed and did not know how to react.

He then stares at her and says, I love your Eyes Baby.


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