Screenplay Pitch of Him and Him

Title: The Chronicles of Antharipa, the tale of hidden ones. Part 1: Him and Him

Genre: Fiction / Mystery

Writer: Anjana

Logline of Him and Him

Xian was sent to the island to take the position as the next head of his clan, for which he had to complete his training under a rigorous system. He was enlisted as the captain of his team. His life on the island however did not happen to be constricted only to his true purpose, rather he gets navigated into the mysteries hidden in the darker side of the system. At one point, he even questions whether he is fit for the position of a Captain.

Setting: The story unfolds on an island called Antharipa, the existence of which is unknown to rest of the world.

Main Characters:

  1. Xian/Protagonist: A young man almost in the beginning of his twenties, with a curious and responsible mind.   
  1. Yaksha: A boy that the protagonist meets in the island, with whom he fell in love.
  2. Ling: Sister of the protagonist,
  3. Mr. Lang: Just an ordinary chemistry teacher.
  4. Arthur: Xian’s friend.

Synopsis of “Him and Him”

The story happens in a clandestine island, where a secret organization is operating, which was established centuries ago and still remains hidden to the world.

The protagonist of the story is a young boy named, Xian, who has newly joined the organisation. The story revolves around the encounters he faces on the island and the secrets hidden from him. As he continues living on the island, he finally finds his love, Yaksha.

His further exploration of the island happens with Yaksha’s companionship. As their relationship reaches its peak, Yasha has to leave the island and vanishes forever.

The story further reveals the secrets that were hidden within the organization and leads the readers to unfold its mystery. The book ends with a shocking incident that leads to the shutdown of the island which disconnects it from rest of the world.

This story is not about the boy Xian, it just begins with him. The island is called Antharipa which is occupied by a secret organisation, with an eccentric motive, which trains the chosen people, sent to that island by different clans and the people who are sent out from the island after their training are called Antaripas. This is a tale of those Antharipas who were chivalric and fearless, who even overpowered the system that created them.

The entire tale of Antharipas can’t be said in one single book, hence the book ‘Him and Him’ only covers the first part of the tale, in which we enter into the world of Antharipas through the eyes of Xian.

Themes and Tone

The film explores the themes of love, secret organisations, criminal organizations and dark powers portrayed in a fictitious story. It further revolves around the mental struggles of the protagonist.

Unique Selling Points:

  • The story talks about three generations hence it is enhanced into a book series, so people who are fascinated by stories of such nature will be attracted.
  • The story is about different kinds of love, in different generations. Hence people who like romantic novels will be enchanted by the story.
  • At the end of the day, it is the tale of people from various warrior clans, the story of their blood-shedding fights and sacrifices. So, it can also satisfy readers who look for thrillers.

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